Tui, Direct debit

Hi, so my and my partner Have tried to book a holiday with Tui Paid the deposit all fine, tried to take the direct debit monthly option however, we keep getting an error, That they can’t set the direct debit up right now everything on the booking is the same, address name etc, Tried to do this on our joint account and he tried on his single account but it kept throwing the same error even tried on his halifax Hes noticed today that tui have a different address for monzo to what monzo’s actual address is. and we think that may be the problem just wanted too see if anyone else has had the same problem?

I had the same situation it is down to back in February / March :wink:, they need to update their systems, I am hoping that the holiday gets cancelled this year and getting a refund as it is in July, I am never dealing with TUI again then.

Did you manage you get a direct debit set up in the end?

No, due to their system but we only booked I think end January and had to pay full balance by Mid April so in the end just paid on cards.

There is another forum post re Tui were Monzo have said if I remember correctly that they were at the time working with them to sort, I could be wrong but with what’s going on and I think the post was around March time chances are all on hold.