So today tried to book a holiday in above site with not having to pay a deposit and setup a direct debit for 3/4 payments, entered all my details and for my Monzo joint bank, account confirmed as with Monzo but clicked confirm details and stated the name and DOB on account don’t match my details as the lead passenger didn’t match, but they did so tried setting up using personal account details same process same result.

So I paid a £200 deposit on the Monzo card and worked fine :wink:

Booked mine in store. No issues at all :grin:

On a general note though, I encounter this a few times across various sites and it can be really annoying. Especially common if you have a special character in your name, such as an apostrophe. Those cause form fields to blow up lol

We checked the store for a price and possible places to go, as needs to be disability accessible for my boy, took the quote home etc as wife had to confirm holidays with work, the price online was £400 cheaper at the tui website than in store :joy:

Result! I saved £200 going in store having got quote online first :grin:

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I’m curious how they’re telling that the name and date of birth on the account doesn’t match, considering there’s no way for them to get that by card or account details that quickly.

It’s likely that they’re using a 3rd party identity verification supplier somewhere and pretending that information comes directly from the bank (it happens shockingly often :woman_facepalming:).


Does the sort code for the JA differ to that for the personal account?

If they can tell from that, via whatever means, then the details will obviously NOT match as the joint account would be in two names and the lead passenger in one.

Just a thought.

As far as I’m aware with working with Tui to try and get this resolved :pray:t2:


All Monzo sort codes are currently 04-00-04. We don’t separate joint and personal accounts by sort codes or card numbers. :slightly_smiling_face:


Any update on this situation being fixed I’m having the same problem trying to book a holiday through direct debit on TUI and First Choice.

Same issue for me! Did you get it resolved?

Nope paid everything by card and had it all refunded the other day as holiday cancelled :wink:

Personally, now with this COVID 19, is will always pay for ta holiday via credit card for section 75, we have now booked Florida via virgin for 2021 they are offering to pay by DD but not taking up the offer :wink:

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