TSB takes on 250 complaint-wranglers

I’d hate to be a n00b there tbh

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Ouch, looks like they have a lot of work to sort! :bowing_man:

If people who had all these issues are still with TSB then I don’t have much sympathy for them anymore


People are lazy and probably couldn’t be bothered to move.


Probably but if I had been one of those with these kind of complaints, i’d have cassed out of there asap

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That’s their own loss then.

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IBM, which the bank hired to help it sort out the gigantic mess, told TSB that the system hadn’t been properly tested before it was rolled out.

Hire one bunch of monkeys to sort out another bunch’s mess. Brilliant idea. :joy:

I would also assume this little piece of advice about how their systems weren’t tested properly cost them upwards of 100M.

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Same but would it of worked though, I’d just change my DD’s at source.

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I think for a while they stopped people leaving via cass because their system was that broken

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They probably outsourced a lot of their development work :wink:

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Exactly, just go to Sky etc. yourself and change banks easier and quicker

If you CASS’d away from TSB during the outages they would respond to your DD’s with “account holder deceased” (see the other TSB thread on here). What a mess.


That’d be really good if you owed money, free debt wipe!

I’m still with TSB for the 5% interest on balance of £1500. It’s easy. Just top up and leave the minimum there every month.

Plus hopefully I’ll get some compensation from the complaints I put in regarding that mess.

I’ll levae when the 5% expires. But that won’t be anytime soon.


You’re not concerned about another system outage from them? I wouldn’t trust them with 5p after their huge cockups let alone £1500

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Am I worried about losing £1,500. Absolutely not. It’s still a UK bank.

However if I needed easy access to it, I would be concerned. It’s not my everyday bank. Monzo is :sunglasses: