TSB.... Could it get any worse

(Herp Derp) #1

After the whole outage thing this now happens lol


Just in time for GDPR. :joy::joy:


I was wondering about this about a month ago. And yet, here we are…


I wonder how deep Sabadel’s pockets are?


Definitely deeper than TSB’s grave.


Will this bank survive!


Oh, and I still can’t log onto the tsb app, unless I re-install and set up as new - which works reproducibly :rofl:


Sadly yes, but even worse is that the idiots that made this new “Proteo4UK” backend will remain employed and still earn a big check.




Same reason why C®apita, IBM, Oracle and Accenture are still in business. When a big project like this begins, there’s always an army of lawyers being prepped for battle even before actual development starts, as they already expect (and are happy with) the project to fail.

In the end, end-customers of the client often lose out, the client is a bit pissed off but someone at the client gets a big check, the consultancy gets their own big check regardless, and the cycle repeats with another company.



So, to answer the question: apparently it can get worse

(I wanted to come up with some witty comment, but it really ain’t funny anymore…)

And just in case someone is following along: I still can’t log into the app…