CASS from Barlcays to Monzo (Failed) - Pingit could be the issue!

Hi All,

Got the message this morning that my CASS had failed, message was rejected by your bank or something. Phoned Barlclays and at first they couldn’t see an issue but then said it could be to do with Pingit as this is linked to my account. I have de-registered from Pingit now and have started the process again.

Will keep you all updated.



That seems all a bit dubious

I am willing to go with cock up rather than conspiracy, though only Monzo make mistakes obv, but refusing a CASS is not a great look

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Keep us updated and stick around :slight_smile:

At other banks, Paym should get deregistered automatically as part of the outgoing switch.

Trust Barclays to ‘reinvent’ a system which works perfectly well everywhere else, decouple the Paym service from your bank account, and essentially make something just default to “NO”.

Barclays could’ve just deregistered your Pingit service, couldn’t they, but legacy thinking means they just fail the switch and force the investigation back onto you.

Yeah and i was thinking CASS was supposed to be simple :slight_smile:

I have just checked Monzo app and it still says “We’re waiting to hear from your old bank”. So will keep this thread updated if 2nd time lucky this works!

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Check your address…
Once I had a problem because of name.Old bank used only first initial - new full first name

Suprise suprise. Got the message this morning that “your other bank rejected the switch”. This is so fustrating !!! What’s even more annoying no one helps you out.

Pingit is a total arse. My friend used to happily transfer money to me via PayM, which was linked to my old bank account at RBS. Then suddenly it started going to a pingit account I hadn’t used in years and had deactivated. I had to go into a Barclays with ID to prove it was me and get the cash out.