TSB Meltdown

Has anyone else been affected by this? Seems to be a round two

Got any info? A source? Or do we have to guess what you mean?

Their online banking has been down since before lunch

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seems quite a few on twitter - not got an account myself

Should have had a guess, might have lightened the mood a bit!

Their entire website was down the last time I checked.

Website is now back up, but displaying this message

Service Status

We’re aware a number of customers are currently experiencing problems across our mobile app and Internet Banking and that our online TSB Smart Agent is also affected. We’re working to solve this as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Just a week or so ago they were saying they had been successful in moving more of their customers online

Potentially calamitous for them really.

Back in 5 hours later…

It’s still slow as, tried logging back in again and it’s just loading and loading

Website is still down for me ; 503 service unavailable

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Same here now. I managed to login the once, now no luck

I wanted to close my TSB account recently. I did a CASS away and then closed the new account so that I didn’t have to deal with them - almost every interaction, online or in person, is a drawn-out painful process in my experience. :disappointed_relieved:

I haven’t tried the website, but the app works fine for me :man_shrugging:

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Not working for me now. Twitter is full of tirades to which the same copy and paste response is being administered. Some are claiming they cannot access cash and card transactions are being declined. All unverified of course.

I have had only 10 seconds access in about 6-7 hours now though.

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As annoying as it must be, I do feel sorry for the poor social media person getting constant abuse when they can’t fix it.

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Oh yeah. Imagine they’ll all be needing a new Control and V key tomorrow though :joy:


I’m able to log in again

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Quick! Now you should CASS! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Time to go full Monzo

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Boyfriend laughs in switching service.

After months of pure hell and finally receiving his provisional driving licence 2 weeks ago he applied for it in February he went full Monzo and the switch was complete last week.

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