Absurd banking/banking absurdity - OFF TOPIC


There’s so much bad banking service out there - I’ve had two “are you kidding?!” moments just today…

which has inspired this thread for photos/screenshots etc. on the topic of “banking absurdity”

Here are my two from today to kick things off:

  • Opening any TSB account

  • Setting up a direct debit for your HSBC credit card

(Rika Raybould) #2

I’m still trying to work out how to close a TSB savings account. The current method appears to be send in a letter requesting closure. Well, half the reason I’m closing those accounts is because they didn’t action the last few letters I sent them. :grimacing:

(Daniel White) #3

Barclays Partner Finance is the same. I know they’ve been mentioned a few times with difficulties setting them up with Monzo in the first place, but in order to change the bank details over to Monzo we have to go to their website, print off a form, fill it in and then either post it or scan it back in and e-mail it to some random address!

Got to do this twice because we have a BG Boiler and a car both through BPF!

(👨‍💻) #4

I had to visit the branch. I walked away with a ton of paperwork after I closed my saving accounts. I literally couldn’t believe it.


Whats crazy is Dec 2017 when you could apply online I started the process filling in name and address etc and crashed getting to step two. (it was a ~five step form)

Ended up switching to First Direct to get their bonus instead.

However I noticed through my credit report recently that TSB actually did a hard search a couple weeks later using the details without my knowledge. I’ve currently got a case pending and got a letter from them in the post saying we’re still looking into it, but might take a while do to the huge backlog of complaints in 2018.

(Gareth) #6

I imagine if TSB hadn’t offered 5% interest they would’ve seen a much larger drop off in accounts after their IT disaster. But it makes a lovely counterpoint if people remember (/complain) about the weekend-overnight outages for Barclays maintenance.

(Jonathon) #7

Good luck. I’m trying to close a current account and nothing can be done other than going into branch. Since they closed half of them there’s none near me but hey ho…

(Tony) #8

Could you not just CASS it elsewhere (not particularly Monzo if you have other accounts), seeing as you want it closed?


Haha I just typed tsb.com by mistake and got this site:

To be fair, it looks more interesting.

(Jonathon) #10

A whole wrath of issues. I don’t have a card as it’s an account I had already closed down via the phone but apparently now they can’t close it on the phone and I need to go into a branch. The account is linked to my old address so I can’t have a card sent there and I can’t change the address without sending a form via post or going into a branch anyway.


Is the old card needed for a Cass through Monzo?

I thought you just need the account number and sort. Monzo will then instruct them to transfer any money etc over even if zero and close it on your behalf.

(Andy) #12

You need the old card too if the account has one as that forms part of the leaving banks identify validation processes

(Jonathon) #13

You need the last 5 digits of the card. What is annoying is I know the last 4 digits (that was always the way used to verify but now it’s becoming common to need the last 5…)

If it was four, I’d be able to switch!


If you know the last four, then there’s only 10 possibilities for the last five.

Take a stab at it, I dare you.

(Is Santa here yet?) #15

Try 7, it’s lucky

(Jonathon) #16

Good point… what happens if I just keep trying until I hit the right one? Can I?

I have visions of some FBI-style raid on my home for fraud at 5:00am…



Setting up a direct debit for Halifax credit cards is a pain, too. You can’t do it from the app, you can’t do it on the mobile website. You pretty much have to do it from a computer. And then I’m not even sure it shows the details of how your credit card is being paid in app.


I’d clearly got very used to online simple switches for accounts.

I started a switch to RBS on Thursday and still have no idea what the status of the account is or when/whether my switch is going through :man_shrugging:


Don’t worry. You’ll get a letter in the post a week after its all switched over :ok_hand::laughing:

(l8n.me) #20

I’ve just done the same, it completed yesterday, and actually found them far better than Nationwide who i had no comms from between the day i opened the account and the switch being complete, despite giving them mobile and email for their ‘we’ll let you know at each stage how your switch is getting on’. I have at least had 3 emails and SMS’s from RBS.

That said, i’ve just gone to make my first payment out of the account, to find you need the calculator to verify it. Go to RBS branch which is 2 mins walk away, get one, go back to make payment to find it’s still saying i appear not to have a card reader. Phone up to be told they can’t get rid of it, i have to order a new one via online, wait for it to be delivered, then wait even longer, 24 hours i think, once ive activated it, to be able to make a payment, all this despite already having various old ones from other banks and this new one from RBS. I can make £500 payments in the app so will just keep doing that to move it in bits until the calculator arrives.