Barclays Outage has made me homeless!

So at the moment Barclays is down no outgoing transactions on completion day of our house!

Our house money has been received so keys released and us out but our solicitor who uses Barclays can’t send money to the place we are buying so we are at this moment technically homeless! Lets hope they fix it soon the incompetent buffoons!!


Hope you get sorted fast! Good luck! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Thank you! Barclays have said 4 o’clock apparently

Just did a bank transfer 5 minutes ago from Barclays and was fine. Different type of payment?

Will be almost certainly be CHAPS

1 Like is apparently what is down and while you can now reach the page (you couldn’t an hour ago) it does still say they are down on the main login screen. Barclays consumer is working I believe

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All the Twitter comments about an outage are about home completions. Sounds like only CHAPS not working.

If I were you I’d stay in a very fancy hotel tonight and make use of every bank’s “no one will be left out of pocket” mantra :sunglasses:


So my solicitor is using an accountant who did go in branch and they said they still couldn’t make outgoing payments but they could at least see incoming!


There is there current status! Yay

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That really is unfortunate timing for you. I hope Barclays manage to get their things together in time for you to have a bed tonight.


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Twitter has exploded with complaints so at least I’m not the only one but they are going to have a hell of bill to pay if they don’t fix it!

Would explain why the cash I payed in is not showing in the app yet. :frowning:

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Interesting timing that two large company networks go down right after each other … (02/Barclays). Doubt it’s linked but it’s interesting for sure

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I went to close an account with TSB this morning and they said the system they use to open and close accounts was down. Are any of these systems linked or is this just a coincidence?

Great clickbait headline there @jrmurray86 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously though, I hope you get this sorted soon. When I moved house a couple of years ago my solicitor cocked up some paperwork and they wouldn’t release the keys. Had carpet fitters and removal men sat outside for hours until it was sorted :confused:

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I’ve been wondering about this as we are trying to move, and I am #fullmonzo. I know you can ask COps to lift limits, but can they lift them into six figures? And do they even have/need CHAPS? Actually come to think of it, our onward purchase will be funded entirely by the sale, so I guess it’s not an issue this time, but last time I did have to inject a large pile of cash, so would be interesting to know for the future.

There are no limits for the incoming transactions its only outgoing…I have no idea if they actually accept CHAPS or not though

waits apparently on their Twitter they are saying it will be fixed by 4

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And slipped to 4.30 the bunch of SOBs

We can accepted CHAPS but not make outbound CHAPS :+1: