Trying to set up payment to my John Lewis credit card

This is my first post, so apologies if this is a boring, done, topic… I looked online but couldn’t get a straight answer:
I try and submit the JL mastercard account and sort code and Monzo doesn’t recognise it.
I do not want a regular payment, I just want to be able to tranfer money from Monzo to my credit card as and when. Any tips would me most welcome!

In what way does Monzo “not recognise it”? What specifically is the problem you are encountering?

Edit: I’ve just gone through the process to set up a new payee. So, Payments tab (bottom of screen), Pay (first item in payments tab), Pay by bank transfer (first item again), and you have to provide details of the recipient account. So, is the problem that you are putting you as the recipient, but the account is in the name of John Lewis Payments Limited (or whatever it is), and that’s the error you’re getting, or something else?

Edit 2: According to, I think the recipient needs to be John Lewis Financial Services Limited

Many thanks for your note.
I’ve put in John Lewis Financial Serviced Limited…
“we couldn’t check this account” :frowning:
I’ve used the sort code and account number that I used for transferring from my Nationwide debit card, so I don’t understand why it’s not working.

Is that an actual error that stops you proceeding, or is that just telling you that it cannot verify that the account name is linked to the account details you provided because the underlying bank (whoever that is) hasn’t implemented the new checks?

Are you able to proceed beyond this error?

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Yes, there should be a Continue Anyway option at the bottom. Just tried it myself.

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Just to chime in here, because I pay my credit card bill the same way.

The issue is the underlying bank doesn’t currently support the confirmation of payee scheme. You can safely ignore the warning and proceed, just be certain that you have the sort code, account number and reference correct.

This pops up every time I pay my Barclaycard bill.

Yes, I just pressed proceed, ignoring the warning but there is no where to insert my cc number as reference.

When you create a new payment, the reference is usually auto-populated with “Paid from Monzo” (from memory, this may be slightly different), so if that’s shown you should be able to click that and input the cc number.

I see the ‘reference’ and over-wrote it with my cc #…
just sent ‘a test’ 2 quid via this method, ignoring all the warnings ;-{
Hopefully all’s well that ends well etc.
I’ll let you know!
Many thanks.


won’t know re cc receiving the payment just yet… they’re a bit slow.

Twice as brave as I. I only risk a quid. :wink:

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I would probably give it a day or two just to be safe. Mine usually show up after a few hours, but there can be the odd delay.

Might not fo through till the next working day so might be Tuesday. I know that’s how it works with Amex

Two hundred times as brave as me. I just do a penny.


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