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I have tried to make a test FP from my current account to my Monzo current account. I have tried 2 over the past week. Won’t go through.
Very frustrating :triumph:
Any suggestions would be great

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I would get in touch with Lloyds - I have done several faster payments from Lloyds to Monzo over the past couple of months with no problems- took about 10 seconds tonight -

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I have no problems either.


Thank you- I’ll call into a branch

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Ah. If they try and put this through for you manually in branch, it won’t work - their system doesn’t recognise the sort code.

Could you give a little more details on what isn’t working?


I have tried to make a test FP of 5p I get a message that says ‘correction’.

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I’ve never seen/heard of that message before :confused:

What context is the message using “correction” in?


When I open the transaction on my statement I see correction against the money I was trying to move


Couldn’t take a screen shot


is it because there is a £1minimum you can send…some banks have that

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I think I’ve sent less than £1 with Lloyds…

I know it sounds obvious, but have you checked the details are correct?

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there is a £1 minimum on one of the screens in lloyds but Ive jut transferred 5p no problems are you sure you are using the right choice for transferring money - have you had a telephone message from lloyds confirming setting up a new payee with a four digit code to confirm ? sorry thats to @hadders


Set up in transfers and payments. Thinking about it, no code as I have had previously

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from account page - make a payment - set up new recipient - pay a person - fill in sort code -+ amount - lloyds ask which phone you want a confirmation code sent to - pick one - then show you 4 digit code on web page and you enter it into mobile or home phone whichever you chose - to confirm new payee - job done :slight_smile:


Thanks everybody - now working

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next time it should be in existing payees - though strangely enough I had to go through the code thing twice for Monzo to appear on my existing payees list in lloyds :slight_smile:

spend that 5p wisely :slight_smile:


Money moving across to my Monzo account :grin::grin:
Not sure what to do with the 5p :thinking::thinking:
Thanks again

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Nice forum solution.

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Buy a carrier bag :eyes: