Paying credit card

Struggling to send money to my credit card.

My details with name, account number and sort code are there but usually you need a reference which is normally the credit card number.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to input a reference for the payment anymore?

Any help would be appreciated.

The way I’d approach this is to stop struggling with Monzo and, instead, go to the credit card (website / telephone support) and pay using debit card with the Monzo card details.

I appreciate that doesn’t answer your query about the missing reference field, but it does enable you to pay your credit card.

The payment flow and references is something I brought up with Monzo back in 2016. Both Monzo and Starling had payment flows inferior to some of the legacy banks. Clear that it’s not been a priority for them.

Hope you overcome your struggles.

When you’ve entered the account details and moved to the next screen, the Reference line is directly under the Amount.

It’s title is “Reference”.


Appreciate the quick reply.

Its my original bank accounts credit card so it’s easy enough to pay direct from there but since I use Monzo as my main account I’m trying to avoid the need to transfer to my other account and then to my credit card.

Since the option was there last time I paid I kind of assumed I was missing something.

Thank you.

I shall check it now.

Found it.

Thank you for the quick responses.


lol clearly confusing when it says “Reference” :slight_smile:


It seems that it was confusing to the OP as it was on a different screen. That’s understandable.

I suggested an alternate way of paying his bill.

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perhaps Monzo re prioritised it after 2016 ? and you missed the update :slight_smile: Im joshing Johnny , no offence hopefully :slight_smile:

Haha yeah my fault for being impatient.

Because it was previously on the first screen I was afraid my money would end up in limbo.

Funnily enough I had transfered money to another account the other day and completely missed the reference box :joy:


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