Can't transfer cash from my credit card to Monzo

I’m trying to make a cash transfer from my credit card to my Monzo account. I’ve tried this with Barclays and MBNA but neither of these will recognise the sort code that Monzo provides. Is anything being done to address this with the banks?

Have you spoke to Monzo about this in the in-app support chat?

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Given that this is an isolated concern, I wouldn’t imagine so. Your best option for a resolution would be to contact Monzo directly via the dedicated support chanels, as @hdwrng says above.

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I’ve been using banks and credit cards for decades, and have never even heard of this.

Can I ask what the reason for it is? There’s no need to reply if you don’t want to say.

Yep both of the credit cards just say that they don’t recognise the Monzo sort code - I’ve double checked and all the details are correct

If you send an email over to, they will be able to help address the issue :blush:

Give them as much information as you can about the situation and monzo will work to get this sorted asap :sunglasses:

Yep! :grin: Monzo have a dedicated team on the case :boom:

Awesome thanks! Do you know if it’s a problem other people are also having?

Many credit card providers allow this, it’s referred to as a “money transfer”. Some have offers for new customers where you get 0% for a period of time, like a balance transfer.


This is the first time I’ve seen someone mention it.

@nexusmaniac has given the best advice, either that or in app chat :slight_smile:

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Yep I’m. trying the in app chat too but it’s not moving very quickly as I don’t think they’re sure either :slight_smile:

Had same problem with Tesco credit card. Contacted Monzo in chat… waited for a day for reply. Transferred money to another account.
Monzo is not ready for everyday use.

Yeah I think that’s what I’m realising, need to set-up another bank account with someone else I think!

You could always try from the other end too. Get in touch with Barclays and MBNA then you’ve got everyone on the case. Since the error is at their end it might be easier to diagnose too :slight_smile:

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The cases of this, that appear on the forum, are very few & far between :slight_smile:

First time in quite a while at least :smiley:

I don’t agree with that comment :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been using Monzo as my everyday account for about 18 months now with no issues, acceptance or otherwise - there were some teething issues to overcome but they were resolved within 1 month of opening the account and I’ve (knock on wood :wink:) had none since :boom:


I’d suggest that Monzo is not ready for YOUR everyday use.

It seems to be doing pretty well for the majority of people that use it. I agree that it can be annoying when some features don’t seem to be working though but it is still growing/developing.


This isn’t the case either. I’ve done this with a Tesco card with no issues at all.

More constructive comments would be better in aiding her to find the cause of the issue, like she asked, before telling her to take drastic measures and move all her banking at the first step. Nobody knows the reason for this issue, it could be at either end, so let’s not jump to conclusions yet :slight_smile:


Yes that’s it. No trust to Monzo anymore. Last week I re-opened first direct account and switched my Monzo account to them. Used Monzo as my main account for nearly 6 months.
In my experience Monzo is really expensive. Customer support - very poor experience (automated reply’s all the time. If something goes wrong they will be unable to sort it…)

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Yep I’ve got Barclays and MBNA looking into it too. It’s very strange and I think the fault is more likely to be on Barclays/MBNA than it is Monzo. Hopefully I’ll find the answer soon :slight_smile:


Excellent. Fingers crossed it is soon :crossed_fingers:

Let us know the outcome please :slight_smile:

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Fingers crossed!