Issue paying Barclaycard from Monzo

I have been trying to pay Barclaycard via the Monzo app. and when I put in the correct sort code (20-04-15) and account number (38290008) I receive the following warning:

We couldn’t check this account

Has anyone else had this problem and does it matter?

It’s just a warning. If you’re confident the details are correct and nobody is telling you to pay it when you don’t want to, then you’re fine to continue.

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I get the same warning when trying to pay my AMEX card from Monzo. AMEX have an account at Lloyds and for whatever reason Monzo says it is unable to check it, but Starling check it and say it is okay !? :man_shrugging:


Thank you

I think the reason we can check these accounts for confirmation of payee is because they’re holding accounts - so all payments go into the same account for all credit cards.


Yep same issue paying my MBNA which is Lloyds credit card but always works perfectly and Starling seem to be able to check the details ok.

I’m going to assume Starling verify the payments going to MBNA, Barclaycard etc, whereas Monzo also want to name match the customer to the actual account, which isn’t possible in these cases. That’s my assumption anyways, 2 different ways of banks working the regulations.


I never had the problem. But I recommend you edit the comment. Now all people in the internet knows your name, sort code and bank account number. Avoid scams deleting these details

I took the message to mean that the receiving Bank does not offer confirmation of payee, rather than we have asked the receiving bank but are not able to confirm the payee… seems like it does not even try…:roll_eyes:

Either way, it’s a lot smoother with Starling…:joy::crazy_face:

It would appear to be the Barclaycard holding account details, not one of the customer’s personal accounts.