Trying to reopen a Monzo account

I did a current account switch, which was finalised on the 30th of December. Idiot me didn’t fully grasp it meant closing my account.

I tried to open another current account with Monzo and was told unfortunately unable to right now, I still had a business account with Monzo so used the chat.

I was told oh it looks like it’s because you have a business account with us, you’d need to close your business account and reapply for a current account.

I did as told, and now I’m without my business account and current account (accepting current account is my own fault) and now I cannot open an account without same message every time.

I’ve been in contact with Monzo over 20 times and am constantly passed to the “specialist team” but never hear anything again.

I get told your number has been cleared from the system, try again, nothing.

I’ve read on Reddit it’s impossible to reapply for a current account once it’s closed, but why was I told I’d be able to if I closed my business account?

Is there any advice?

I thought it was a year ban from opening another account after it’s closed.

Having a business account I would have thought is zero impact on personal.

So waiting until December 2024 for personal and now February 2025 for the business account.

This seems like poor advice to me and I’m sure it’s not true so no idea why they’ve told you that. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


I would be using that poor advice as leverage for Monzo to reopen the personal and reopen the business account.


This was extraordinarily terrible advice. A business account has no bearing on a personal account.

To be honest, if a service treated me so badly, I’d be hot–footing it to a competitor. I can very much recommend Starling.


I’m pretty sure that will have zero impact.

It was a convo I had through the app chat under my business account, they said open a personal account through the app. I said but the options not there? Then was told ah yes you’d need to delete your business account first to then apply for a personal account :exploding_head: now I’m without both, one being their fault

I’ve tried, same automatic replies.

Hi there :wave: Amalia here

I’m reaching out to inform you that we have removed your number on your old account.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with today otherwise have a great day :smiley:

Kind regards, Amalia Customer Operations Monzo Bank

Hi xxxxxx, Naomi here from the business banking team :wave:

I’m sorry for the confusion here.

As part of this re-application policy, you’ll need to wait 30 days since closing before setting it up again.

Please get back in touch then and we can help you apply for a new account. If there’s anything else I can help with in the meantime then just let me know, otherwise I hope you have a great day :blush:

Naomi Business Banking Customer Operations Monzo Bank :rocket:

(After waiting 30 days, and stating that) ^

Hi xxxx👋

Im really sorry about this.

Can you please tell me what issues have happened this time around?

Kind Regards Mason Monzo :rocket:

Hi xxxxx, Mason here from the business banking team :wave:

Really sorry, you are right here. Sorry for the confusion I have caused.

I have now amended some details from my side, can you follow the link below, and this should help you with the issues you have had.

If you head to the sign-up flow, you can apply for (or finish applying for) a personal account.

We aim to review all applications as quickly as possible and you’ll get a notification in your app to let you know the outcome!

Kind Regards Mason Monzo :rocket:

Same thing over and over again, they just aren’t listening

I’ve in the meantime opened an account with starling, which is similar and has allowed me to open accounts for my children which I do like. I just want my monzo account back as I had it for 4 years and grew very accustomed to it. Despite it being my fault it was closed (first time doing a switch, thought I could switch my direct debits over but keep account, stupid me) it’s not my fault the business account was closed as I was told to do so, and I can’t seem to get into with anyone who will stick through the process of helping me.

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They don’t care tbh :woman_shrugging:t2:

In the meantime if it’s just not happening with opening another one within the next couple weeks I’ll give up hope and try again in a year, a shame it’s the way if that’s the case.

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Your best bet is to email with a summary of what’s happened and what you want to happen (i.e. open a new current account).

Then go to and hope the person you get is competent.

Or consider starling and/or chase. Both from experience have much better customer service.

This is a shame… yes you would need to wait 30days (i left it 31 before applying). In order to reapply. Unfortunately the system doesn’t always update and you would then need to contact customer service for them to wipe your number in order to reapply (bare in mind this isn’t always successful either as they may do a hard credit check in order to open the account so may get declined on the scoring systems). As @JIMMWX said reach out to the reviews team and complaints team. I tagged all three emails from Monzo into one email hoping someone would open my account when I did the same. This fortunately DID work for me so hopefully it will work for you. As someone else pointed out it’s whether you get someone who is competent at Monzo who can do this for you.

Let us know how you get on! (I do think Monzo will eventually stop allowing people back as banks are getting wise to all these switching out offers and then people trying to reopen accounts. Who knows what will happen :thinking:

I’ve had my number wiped that many times now :woman_facepalming:t2: it’s so stressful, I’ll try the tagging all 3 method and see what will happen.

And you’re right, I could see banks doing that. I could understand if that was the case for myself, but I didn’t get money with the switch. Honestly I wanted to open a NatWest child’s account for my oldest so was like hmmm since I need an account with them myself in order to so I’ll just swap my direct debits over to NatWest, dumb as hell to the whole Monzo account would close. I’ve learned a lesson tho fair to say :joy::joy::joy: