Monzo reopening

Asked to reopen my account as had it switched and have had to reapply so guess there changing the way of doing things.

You’ve closed it a few times haven’t you?

Why do you keep opening and closing accounts?

I wonder if you say “close my account” then it lays dormant or something but if you use the account switching service then it fully closes? That might explain the difference.

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Yeah they can’t reopen a switched account as the previous account number redirects

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I’ve closed it once before but had not switched. This time I will leave well alone if I am allowed.


What made you switch, who did you try and what made you come back?

Lloyds for switching bonus. I thought it would be good to try monzo again as lots of new things happening.

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you can apply for a new account, you can’t get a old account reopen if you’ve done a switch

You might need to email support at to change the email & phone number on your old account. At the moment I believe numbers are per-account so if you try to use your details to log into the app it’ll just show your closed account with no option to open another one.

I’d recommend changing the number & email to some other ones that you control in case you do need to log back into the closed account to look at transactions or export statements.

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