Trying to register for phone insurance

heaven above have tired to register for the phone insurance - email already registered - not by me. today banged to register email address now unable to register imli get this sorted out Monzo your charging £15 it should work


Have you contacted in app chat?

I don’t have Premium so I’m not sure on the process, but do you go off to the individual insurer and register with them?

I assumed Monzo registered you. This seems to back that up or how would the details be available in the app?

I suspect this isn’t a Monzo issue, but instead an Assurant one. I’m assuming you’re trying to login/register at ?

I just tried, using a different email to my Monzo one, and also got the ‘email already registered’ error. Resetting the password did nothing. However, registering with my actual Monzo address worked. Are you using an identical email to the one registered with Monzo? I’m suspecting that the error message is incorrect and in fact, it’s that your email address isn’t registered with them.


I imagine you have to register the actual phone you want to insure, you usually do. Otherwise people could just claim for any phone in their household.

I don’t think you do - I can’t find a reference just now, but I seem to remember that you don’t have to pre-register.

Slightly differently policy terms, but the Nationwide insurance (which is the same provider) doesn’t make you pre-register, although you can if you wish.

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