Monzo Premium Phone insurance for iPhone 12

Hi All

Has anyone managed to register any iPhone 12 series on the portal? They dont list any of them, only up to iPhone 11 devices. I have a 12 pro max with no way of adding this


Is registration a requirement or a suggestion for the cover?

Even if it’s not registered, I thought most of them didn’t actually require it - it just saves you telling them what phone you had an it’s IMEI when it actually comes to making a claim.

This suggests that it does need to be registered?

That’s a bit worrying.

May be easier to give the insurer a call, I doubt Monzo can do anything from their end.

Yeah that’s a bit concerning. I’ve just upgraded to premium and I also can’t see an option here.

I too didn’t think you had to register your device before making a claim. This is how my last insurance worked.

this was months ago back when the 12 first came out, but I registered mine then so maybe there was a bug or something.

If you go to the ‘Make a Claim’ section it prevents you going further if your device is unregistered.

I’ve emailed them so I’ll update when they respond.

Ive just logged on and my iPhone 12 Pro is still my registered phone on there

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