Register more than 1 phone in Max Family Insurance

I have recently registered my own mobile device with the phone insurance provider via Monzo Max. Cool.

However, we are a family of 4 with our own mobile phones, and whilst we pay for Max Family, there is still only the option to register 1 device in the insurance page. Monzo chat tell me thats okay - id just have to tell the insurer my family’s details and device info if or when i made a claim.

This seems pretty lax though - if i don’t need to register their devices then why should i register my own? Surely the whole point of having multiple devices covered is that they are represented in my policy by being registered?

It feels like the insurer (Assurant in this case) hasn’t yet caught up with Max Family cover - and it would be great to see this rectified, as it would bring it into line with our previous bank’s phone insurance cover.

It’s what the terms state:

You don’t need to register your mobile phones for them to be insured.

So I’d argue, you don’t even need to register your own phone.

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Not sure you’ve ever had to actually register your device ahead of time for any mobile insurance through a bank, it just makes it a quicker process if it is registered.

Going back a few years now, but a claim i made on a phone with BoS Ultimate Reward, the devices did have to be registered to make a claim.

If there is indeed no need to register, then why have that facility in the first place? Just seems rather disjointed…

Meaning quicker to claim.

It’s literally in the terms & conditions that I linked above:

If you do want to provide this information now to help simplify any future claims, you can do so online at

The assurant site does need an update. It does state on there that you can only register one “at the moment” but they are working to allow you to register multiple.

The site is outdated as they don’t even have Google Pixel 8, 8 Pro and 8a when I registered.

I sent them an email with all of the details of the 2 phones and they have added them to my account (although I can only see mine when logged in).

Monzo have to deal with Assurant to update their website. As Nationwide allows to register all your phones