Phone number already in use!?

I recently lost my phone.

I then used an old one (same number) until my insurance sorted me out with a new one.

I managed to get my Monzo account working in my older phone. However, after my new one arrived I have tried to access monzo on my new phone. I try to sign in. I enter my email, get the the email, link back to the app and then enter my phone number. I get sent the code and then as I enter it I get told that this number is already in use!

I can’t access my account and can’t really find anyway to access any help. This is the closest I can find to something better than the pretty useless FAQs.

Does anyone know what I need to do?

Thank you in advance.

iPhones that are restored from a backup have this kind of issue. Delete the app and reinstall, then try again?

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Already tried that.

Thank you though

On login you don’t need to enter your mobile number. This means that you’ve not used the same email address you signed up with.

To test this theory, log into and we can rule out whether it is an issue with your phone or your account.


Make sure you’re pressing Sign In and not Sign Up. If you have an existing account, you won’t be asked for a phone number. This is why it says it already exists - it thinks you’re registering.

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Pretty sure I’m pressing sign in.

Will try a different email though.

Thank you.


Even if you press sign in and enter an email address that isn’t assossiated with a Monzo account it will start the sign up flow.

This catches a lot of people out

Sounds like you’re using a different email address to log in than the one that’s already connected to your account!

Easiest way to get this sorted is to send us an email to and we can get the email address updated on the account if you can’t remember/don’t have access to the old email :muscle: