Monzo premium Phone insurance for the Samsung Fold 4

I have just purchased the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 and was looking to attach this to my Monzo Premium Phone insurance, but I can not find that phone on the list. Is this going to be added anytime soon?



You’ll need to ask the insurer.

I didn’t realise you had to register your phone to start with though? Seems a bit backwards considering the rate at which new phones come out.


This is the same with all mobile phone insurance isn’t it?

Most that I’ve used don’t require registration.


My understanding is that you can register the phone if you want, but it’s not obligatory. It just makes it easier if you unfortunately do need to make a claim in the future.

(I’m not 100pc on this for Monzo, but I think it’s right. It certainly worked like that with Nationwide and they use the same insurance company).


Thanks everyone!!! Yeah, that was what I thought, but when I go to my policy it is linked to my previous phone (Samsung s20+), with that IMEI number etc. So I am assuming this has to be changed to make sure my fold 4 is insured. There is an option button to change the registered device, but it just doesn’t have my current phone. I am guessing I just have to wait for them to update the list of phones.

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How are you getting on with the Fold? :pray:

Apparently, I can just email if the phone isn’t on the list, so hopefully that works.

The Fold 4 is great, and well built, took a little bit of time to get used to as it is A LOT heavier than anything I have had before. But the screen size makes up for it. Battery life is surprisingly good due to the Gen2 chip. The only real issue I have is that some of the apps aren’t optimised for that screen.


The monzo’s app is optimised for it though :slight_smile:


Optimised for Monzo? Doesn’t it just extend the white (or black if Dark Mode) space between the Transaction Icon/Merchant/notes on the left and the transaction amount on the right, in the feed?

I’d be interested to see a screenshot if not :pleading_face:

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I am fairly certain you don’t have to register phones with the Nationwide FlexPlus insurance, although I seem to remember they have (or used to have) a website where you can do so if you want to?

I have the Fold 3 and it’s just very stretched. I’ll see if I can find a screenshot later…

Interesting. On mine, it’s not stretched at all, but everything is enlarged and fits nicely in the screen

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I think we’re probably talking the same thing. Everything is in proportion, but it doesn’t look particularly ‘optimised’ if that makes sense?

It wouldn’t be on my priority list, but a different tablet-eque view for the unfolded screen would be cool - a bit like how Spotify changes to take advantage of the bigger display.

Ahhh yes i see what you mean.

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