[3DS] 3D Secure merchant issues

(Rika Raybould) #1

If you’re having issues with Monzo 3D Secure and any particular merchant online as of the full launch this morning, either contact support through in-app chat or thread them here and we’ll take a look into them!

It’d be helpful if you could post the name of the merchant as shown in the 3D Secure page, that’ll help us track down the logs. :bug:

(Carl) #2

Not sure if this belongs here as it isn’t a technical issue with 3D secure - more a lack of communication with phone networks.


I’m assuming this is a 3D Secure issue although I can’t be sure. I get the following when trying to order from the PlayStation store:

They performed a 10p charge + refund ok so it’s not the card details.

(Liam) #4

With your Santander card…?


It shouldn’t have been as I’d just added my Monzo card as part of the transaction and had the 10p Monzo notifications but I have a feeling my now defunct Santander card was the previous active card… I’ll be back in a couple of minutes!


It was presenting you with Santander’s 3D secure platform so it must have been defaulting payment to that card


I suspect it was, I added the Monzo card and it was displaying the last four digits of my Monzo card but presenting me with that Santander screen.

I went all the way back out and then back in again and this time I got the Monzo screen and managed to pay but still got an error box from the PlayStation store with no content so it seems it was just Sony being a little wobbly.


Actually it seems the kerching I heard was another 0.10 charge/refund and it hasn’t actually gone through :neutral_face:

I’ll try again tomorrow :worried:

(Rika Raybould) #9

The Playstation Store is a little questionable with payments in general, even before we brought in 3D Secure. Mostly it works, sometimes it doesn’t for reasons we’ve never been able to understand. We’ll look into this one tomorrow though. :eyes:

I’ll try and get in touch with a few networks and see what they say, not promising anything at this stage. :+1:


Just tried ordering via the PlayStation itself and it’s gone through without any need for 3D Secure

(Stephen Spencer) #11

Veering offtopic, but if you’re happy to have some money tied up in the PSN wallet, I would recommend getting PSN vouchers from online folk who sell them at a discount, I use ElectronicFirst. You effectively get games cheaper and also don’t give your card details to Sony/PSN, who have had various breaches of various systems in the past, and I would say are a high-value and high-prestige/flamewars/“lulz” target for hackers.

(Lancelot Payne) #12

It seems like this is still an issue from the PlayStation store side via the site even when 3D secure wasn’t implemented I tried using my card and always got this error but it works perfectly fine from the console itself bit annoying to say the least but at you have that option.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #13

Chrome Canary: Version 70.0.3530.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit)


If I head to that link (dead now) it requests my 3 digits (CVC) and then pushes me onto the Monzo 3DS page

But overall… Pretty broken, I believe due to Chrome Canary / Dominos… Not specifically Monzo :wink:


I have to use SMS option to pay my Tesco credit card…
And I think a small error there… I added my Monzo card to Tesco Pay+ so they charged £2 for that. But SMS message shows authorisation for £0?

(Rika Raybould) #15

Yes, that’s a Domino’s payment processor side failure. :disappointed:

It appears to be an issue on Tesco’s side from what I’ve just looked at. They request a 3D Secure verification for £0, create a card payment authorisation for £2 that they then leave to expire and refund within around 8 days.

It’s a little bit strange but technically correct and does work out in the end. :sweat_smile:


Not really a merchant, but… Privacy Badger blocks verify.monzo.com - sent them an error report to exclude it, hopefully.

(Rika Raybould) #17

That’s fairly odd but thanks for reporting that to them! I suppose the page being embedded in iframes tripped it. :thinking:

(Daniel White) #18

Hi @Rika,

Don’t suppose you’re able to elaborate anymore, like what combination of events does work and don’t work or give them a shout before I lob my PS4 out the window?

I changed my card details over to Monzo this week and it seems I’ve caught it at the same time my renewal was due. They’ve apparently tried to bill my cancelled Starling card £0.00 and completely ignored my perfectly valid Monzo card which is now the only one on my account and the default.

When I try and renew my PS Plus subscription it goes though all the motions, 3D Secure comes up and is actually a Monzo one and I accept in app, then all I get is this:


I’ve reached out on Twitter, but they’re about as useful as a chocolate teapot:

Any tips would be great!

(Hugh Wells) #19

Sounds silly, but does your billing address match? :slight_smile:

If you could reach out to in app chat we can take a look for you :ok_hand:

(Daniel White) #20

Hi @HughWells, that’s for getting back to me.

I actually did it via the PS4 directly in the end and that went through fine rather than using the PlayStation Store via web browser. No idea why it works that way but suspect a Sony issue. Happy to be a ginea pig if you need anything testing though!