Shopto rejecting

Hi. Why doesnt accept Monzo. Keeps getting rejected :frowning:

They do. What error are you getting? Is it showing in your feed?

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Any error messages, does it get to 3D secure and ask for authorization

I don’t remember what happened here with the 1p but they do accept Monzo.

I tried 4 times. Kept declining when trying the £1. Kept saying wrong Ccv when it wasn’t. Something to do with the security on it I think. Maybe it was because I was buying a PlayStation digital code for ps now.

It tries to take the £1 and says Monzo rejected it due to incorrect ccv. That is deffo not the case.

Weirdly I got a decline tonight for a takeaway due to wrong CCV, I was sure I got it right. It worked second time though.

I also had a CVV decline twice tonight and it was definitely correct - maybe a gremlin somewhere?

Their payment system seems to be made of spit and string. I always had problems on there, even back before the Monzo era when I was using Barclays. I frequently had to use PayPal (always with Monzo?) because using a card directly frequently seemed to fail with odd cvv/verification errors, and then there’s their annoying thing of only sending the first few deliveries to your card address before you could send elsewhere, and that reset every time you got a new card.

Anyway, just the other day I created a whole new account with exactly the same details, and added my Monzo card at which point it came up with an error (oh here we go again, I thought), but I tried one more time (a “verify” button appeared that wasn’t there before) and it gave and error and simultaneously added ok, at which point I could go through and paid ok (for a digital good this time, same as OP).

So might be worth retrying with a new account on a different email if you have an old account which is “cursed”.

Spit and string I tell you.