Trouble signing in

I seem to be having issues signing back into my account, I’ve already had a look at other people’s help posts related to sign in issues and I haven’t come across the problem I’m having

I started applying for Monzo but didn’t finish it because I wasn’t expecting to have to sit and record myself at the time and I was in public so it would’ve been hella awkward, so I decided to wait and do it later, I ended up forgetting about signing up entirely. I got a new phone and redownloaded the app and I’ve tried to Log in, not sign up ( I’ve seen that this is a mistake some people are making ) and it asks me for me email which I provide and then says to wait for the email with the button, I got an email but it wasn’t the one with the link, just an email saying I’ve already got an account? I’ve uninstalled the app and tried logging in again and I’m just getting the same results so I’m a bit stuck :joy:

Is it the same email address you are using now, that you were using when you started the sign-up process the last time?

If you have the same email it should be ok but since you stoped half way frow it might of messed it a bit as when I did get a monzo account I to was nit expected to have to record my self but I did it later and it was fine but for me I never got a new phone and that.

Maybe if you still having issues try to chat with them they should be able to help.

Since you stopped mid sign up it’s linked to your phone number and email

Email and they’ll sort it for you

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