Trip report totals don't match in different currencies

The trip report for my trip to france says i spent £543.18, but right next to it it says thats €523.94. When add up the individual pound amounts manually it looks like the euro amount is correct (using an approximate exchange rate). What’s going on here?

When i used the petrol pumps it did charge a fixed euro amount to the card briefly before correcting it to the real amount, however i wouldn’t expect that to cause those numbers to differ.

Have all of your transactions settled?

It could also have accidentally included a sterling transaction. That’s happened to me in the past.

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I’m unsure how to tell whether they have settled, but they all look the same to me and have been applied to the balance.

I dont see a pound amount that could cause this issue. There’s certainly nothing in pounds during the trip or on the day preceeding

Tap on a transaction, scroll to the very bottom and in grey it might say pending.

Or is it including/excluding something for your trip that wasn’t? or vice versa?

There is one pending transaction for £20.52, which doesn’t account for the difference, but if it did I’m not sure why the pound and euro amount should ever differ.

If it’s pending, I would expect it to either include it in both totals or neither total.

I can’t quite understand what it’s telling me, or whether it’s some kind of bug.