Trip summary shows wrong amount

My account has popped up a notification that says I have spent over £1,100 on my recent trip to France. In reality I have only spent just under £500. I only started with £1000 in the account when I went away so can’t have spent more than this.
I am not particularly worried about this since I can see what my balance is and all the individual transactions, and nothing seems amiss there, but I am just wondering how it came up with this figure. I do worry that others may experience this and be stressed if they can’t immediately tell that the info there is wrong.

When I click the notification it shows me the amount is 487 Euros, yet somehow converts this to £1,186! Can only think it is some sort of exchange rate error.
The conversions on the individual transactions look correct, which is backed up by my balance.

Details to reproduce:
Device: Huawei P Smart 2019
**App Version:**3.46.0


It looks like the euro amount has doubled for the conversion?

Euro/£ is pretty close isn’t it?

€487 and you have spent £495.48 from your original £1000

Holy crêpe! :open_mouth:



For the record I had a couple of crêpes (has to be done). Not 474. :laughing:

I think this might be down to the petrol station transactions and how they’re handled?

Because they take an amount first then refund? There are no doubled ‘pending’ transactions in the list.

Could it be that it is a simple sum of everything in the transaction list? ie it has added up the pounds and the euros?

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As a side note, I didn’t even know that this feature existed!

Very hand for post-trips spending calculations (assuming that we get to the bottom of why it’s calculating the wrong amount :joy:)

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It is a very useful feature. I’d love it to be discoverable somewhere other than the feed, as well, so you can refer back to it.

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