[Android/iOS] Balance doesn't add up


Looking at some old transactions, it seems they don’t quite add up.

Timeline is as follows:

  1. On 5th March, balance of £5,114.85. Total spend on that day of £200.00
  2. On 6th March, no transactions on this day
  3. On 7th March, balance of £4,914.48. (where I would have expected it to be £4,914.85)

So £200.37 was actually subtracted.

Some ideas, perhaps related is that I was making foreign currency transactions a couple of days beforehand. Or was it because the transactions were during a weekend on a Sunday?

Details to reproduce:

Happy to send a better screenshots/video to Monzo team, I just don’t want to post transaction detail online.

Android 9
App Version:


Previous balance and days spending:
(Note that the £200 was the only transaction on that day.)

Incorrect summary for 7th:
(No transactions were made on the 6th.)

Takes a couple of days for the exchange rate to settle so that’s why there’s a difference

I wish there was some way of finding out if the exchange rate on a transaction had settled by looking at the transaction details.

That sounds like it could easily be the case. So the daily summary isn’t adjusted when the exchange rates are settled?

No. It’s the same with TfL transactions in London. That threw me for a while.

A fix was on the roadmap a year or so ago but only as a very low priority.


Can you look at a international transaction and see if pending transaction is gone at the very bottom?

Does it look any different on a generated statement? I would have thought there would be legal issues with having a non balancing statement.

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I think it all balances on the statements, with pending transactions clearly labelled so…

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On the statement the balance and the end of day on March 4th is 5,114.48. So the statement and the app don’t agree with each other.

I’m pretty sure this is just a UX bug with the summary not using the settled values.