Travel Report Incorrect (Does not calculate refund)


Having just returned from a trip to Prague, I noticed that the total spend for the trip included £152.68 for Motel One, when in fact that transaction was declined on my Monzo card and immediately refunded.

The refund shows perfectly on the day, but the travel report still included that sum, therefore making the total spend for the trip inaccurate.

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Had similar back in Nov… Tho mine is actually in my regular spend timeline.

Over time I was told it would ‘vanish in a few days’ ‘be fixed in an app update in a week or so’ ‘would be flagged to make invisible’ and finally ‘might not happen’… Support was hyper friendly and helpful, but ultimately its still there months later and none of the statements I was told actually happened.

Its of course not the end of the world… But I wouldn’t accept my regular bank doing that. End of flogging dead horses :wink:

Seems like theres some teething issues around visible and invisible refunds and initial charges.

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Yeah, it’s not that I’m out of pocket or anything, it just looks like the travel report calculates any debits during the travel period, but doesn’t take into account any credits.

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Hey @PhatPheddy, sorry about the confusion here :frowning: Totally our fault. We need to do some tweaking to the travel reports that we haven’t had a chance to do yet. It’s on the list! Right now, we’re focusing on banking features but we’ll hopefully come back around to refine travel reports for cases like this later this year :slight_smile:

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