Trends profiles

Based on the way I use Trends, I think having ‘profiles’ set up within Trends would be useful.

By ‘profiles’, I mean being able to set several specific subsets of accounts to show in Trends, and being able to change between these subsets quickly, as opposed to having to tick/untick all the boxes every time.

I am doing this at present as I want to be able to see my personal and my joint accounts separately (as Trends cannot divide joint account balances into his and hers). Having the two subsets of accounts into a Personal and a Joint profile respectively would make it much easier to switch between the two views.


I’ve voted for your idea! It’s a good sugggestion that would fix the biggest annoyance. You should vote for it too!

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Haha thanks, I didn’t realise a voting box appears on feedback posts :joy:

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presets for the filters menu is a must have.

My suggestion in the other thread was to have the following presets;

I’m not sure about calling them ‘profiles’, but I’m definitely in support of the idea :slight_smile:

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That’s a great idea. A++.

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