Balance Totals - All banks


I wondering if perhaps we could have an option to toggle other personal bank accounts on Home - Summary Page.

This way when we don’t have budgets setup through monzo it shows us our actual balance remaining rather than just the amount left in our Monzo account.

Not sure if this is possible, would be nice to have a total figure though.




Could you not just add the two numbers together yourself?

Is this not what the balance feature of trends is for?

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@copgrant10 I like the suggestion of having it on the summary page, nice idea. Saves you having to add the two numbers together yourself.

Isn’t this the end game for trends? Seems strange that when budgets are merged it wouldn’t have this option. I presume we’re talking about not using trends as it is currently, as it covers this feature.

If I read this right, you don’t want the total amount of what’s in the banks, rather the total left in your budget across all accounts?