“Trends for couples/families”

I look at trends for my personal, NatWest and joint account. I’d like to be able to add my partner’s account too (wish permission obviously) so we can check our bills in one place.

“our bills” should be in the joint account for this visibility.

Why aren’t they, as this is what a joint account is for?

Link your partners account through open banking?

Oh I didn’t know you were in charge of me sorry Carlo.


Do you mean the connect thing? He’s with Monzo and there’s no option for that

Then in that case, you won’t be able to do it.

Adding someone else’s account to trends is hugely problematic for many reasons, so I’d say it’s very unlikely but you never know.

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I’m not in charge, you’d know what a joint account was if I was.

I’m just curious why your shared bills aren’t on your joint account (as it designed for).

The way you put it, wanting your own account view, the joint account view, and then your partners personal account view, screams coercive/controlling behaviour from the outside.

Simple option is move the bills you share to the joint account and let the other live their life without your nose in every detail.




If you must know. We have personal loan payments that have to be in our personal accounts. And often our joint is empty so we resort to grocery shopping in our overdrafts. So I would like to quantify this. No controlling behaviour here hun, just trying to keep a roof over our heads👍Cheers babe.

projection much.

Carl, you’re out of order. Maybe the OP should spend every day sending Bill Splits back and forward like you do?

OP, try the Emma app? It’s an aggregator and you should be able to add all the account to it.


I might be misunderstanding but is the issue here that Joint accounts don’t allow overdrafts?

Could you not just transfer the money into your joint account and then do your grocery shopping from there? This would then give you both visibility.



We don’t, the JA covers the most part of shared spending as is designed.

I have zero interest in their personal accounts.