Trends doesn't work for me because

  • I need to see my left-to-spend balance after all monthly bills have been accounted for (whether they have left my accounts yet or not), but I want to be able to see that left-to-spend from the 1st of the month onwards

  • I need to set some accounts as joint ones, specifically so that only 50% of the account balance shows as ‘mine’ on Trends

There are lots of ideas being posted on the other threads about Trends/Balance/Targets, and lots of them have to do with different viewpoints or attitudes towards what each person wants to track or how they want to track it.

I thought we could have a thread where everyone can just post a list of very concise bullet points as to why Trends currently doesn’t work in a way that would help their particular case/circumstances.

Perhaps this might be of help to the Trends designers and developers as a requirements gathering area. So, ideally, please only post bullet points to complete the title sentence :wink:

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Your first point is my primary reason too - I’ve no need to see previous spending etc, only future outgoings

  • It wants to make everything a saving or a transfer. Just let me spend or don’t spend. If it has left my Monzo account it’s spent, otherwise I still have it and just let me deal with it my way.

Partly this is my problem because I have my spreadsheet so I can do anything with it, but I don’t find it granular enough.