Improvements to Trends for showing Personal and Joint account expenditure

I was just looking through trends and noticed that the values it totalled were for my personal and joint account together. This is fine, as long as you actually use separate categories for payments between both accounts.

So when I send money to a joint account at the beginning of the month and mark a payment as bills, when the payment goes out of the joint account (also marked as bills), the trends tab counts both payments and adds them together. Effectively this is reporting an incorrect amount of money spent and is basically doubling up.

I see two possible solutions:

  1. Two separate trends pages, one for Personal and one for Joint.

  2. Separate bars on the bar chart to show spending between both accounts. The only caveat here is that if one is far greater than the other, the graph can look a bit silly.

Thoughts on this? Or am I being an idiot and not using trends correctly?

Does marking the personal transfer to joint account as a transfer, which is technically what it is, solve the issue?

Yes it does and I am indeed an idiot.

Actually, it sort of does. Because the joint spending is greater than my TOTAL spending as I split bills in half with my wife. So i want to know what I spent on bills each month, as well as knowing what WE spent in total each month.

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Don’t worry, it caught me out some time ago, as with a few others :relaxed:

Glad you’ve since resolved, I also changed the topic to help, hope you don’t mind!

If there’s anything else, feel free to ask away :raised_hands:t3:

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I edited my response, so whilst technically it sort of does, please see my edit to understand how it isn’t exactly resolved that way because transfers aren’t included in the trends spending page.

Oh my god I just found that you can filter at the top which account the trends are for, so you can do all of the things I just suggested.


Eek, I’m yet to explore trends in full, but there’s loads about it on the forum page below:

You may find some of the bits you’re still pondering on mentioned from other customers.

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