Share according not transactions with joint account

Would it be possible to allow people with joint accounts to view (and only view) transactions and forthcoming transactions (like standing orders and direct debits) on each others individual accounts provided they consent?

My wife and I would find this useful when budgeting.

I don’t understand how this would help someone, do you have an example please?

If you both want to view a direct debit then you need to set it up on your joint account, same for a transaction - pay for it on your joint account? :confused:

Personal account = personal and for one person
Joint account = joint visibility and joint control between 2 people

It would just become a mixed up mess if you started to blur the boundaries in my opinion.

Isn’t that what the joint account is for?

Hi Ian,

I think I understand where you are coming from, whilst I have a Joint account for most ‘house’ things, I pay for the car we both use, and that comes out of my own account.

Are you hoping to run the budgeting in-app? If so that would be very messy and, whilst I understand the idea, would you want ALL SO/DDs viewable, or only certain ones? Or some transactions (card payments like Netflix) and not others? Would seem a very complex thing to build if I’m understanding you correctly.

No not to run budgeting in app, just visibility. Give someone you have a joint account with, full visibility of your account - just without the ability to perform any actions at - read only if you will.

A read only view. OK. Not something I’d want (what’s that? ohh that’s the thing I bought as a surprise…) but each to their own.

I don’t see this being added any time in the near future (think Q3/Q4 at the very very earliest, if at all) so maybe until then, look to an aggregating app? MoneyDashboard or something? Share the login details, hook up all the accounts and you can both see everything?

I can see the use case here, but it’s not something I’d want. My partner and I both have everything paid into our joint account - the only time we use our sole accounts for anything is if we need to dip into an overdraft sigh and I keep my tax in a savings pot in my sole account so my husband doesn’t get mistakenly excited :rofl:


Unless you provide an example you’re unfortunately going to struggle to get people to support your idea.

Why does your wife need to see your personal account?
Why can’t anything she needs to see/control be added to the joint account?
Can’t you make use of shared tabs or split bills?
Is it a power of attorney thing?

There are many more questions which is why a use case example might help :slight_smile:

Not sure I understand the use case, but a (sort of) workaround could be to add all of you and your wife’s transactions to a shared tab between you. Cumbersome but it would do the job I think.