Roundup from personal accounts into joint account

Hello all fellow monzo”ers! Now Monzo’s a pretty wicked bank that I can’t stop loving! I’m a carpenter by trade and married, I’ve now opened a joint account with my wife!
Today I came up with a great idea! … vote if you think this below is a great idea???

At the moment if you round up your transactions it will only either go into a pot that you create and only adding the transactions from that specific account you chose,
Now I have a great idea! - if you and your friend opened a joint account ?
Or you and your husband or wife opened a joint account?

Wouldn’t it be Brillisnt that from both sides of the people sharing this joint account; that they’re personal account transactions get rounded up to go into your joint account!

Incomes from both party’s!!
This could be a breaking point for monzo to take charge on the best bank around!
Truly this is brilliant idea! That at the moment isn’t available anywhere else!
Vote thumbs up!!

So you’re suggesting that round ups for purchases made on personal account get transferred to joint account?
Why would this be useful? I would have thought that for most people they keep shared expenses/savings separate from their personal expenses/savings.

edit: I would also suggest you rename the title of this post so that it is actually descriptive of what the idea entails, otherwise it may be deleted.

It’s original, but not sure it’s for me. Our Joint Account is purely for known outgoings, it’s fixed every month (we do Groceries from our Personal accounts as and when needed).

So, not for me, but welcome to the forum, love the enthusiasm! (maybe dial down the !!! mind you!! :wink: )

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Yes I’m suggesting this, the fact that it’s only penny’s, etc etc, this help towards people in “relationships or groups” put money eat month away into a joint account in which they don’t know they are spending to build up to help towards outings and bills etc etc

I must agree with the above.

Personal account is for my personal spending and joint account is for all household and joint expenses. I have roundups on both accounts so have no reason to pool them all into one.

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