Monzo overdraft trouble

Hi guys does anyone else having trouble with getting an overdraft with monzo on reasons that are open ccj and defaults on the credit file but the credit file is fully settled with no defaults or ccjs?
I had this drama from 6 months now,today I’ve filled a formal complaint,I need to get to the bottom of this,they state I have open defaults and ccj on my file but I don’t,even sent them a copy of the file now they gone quiet and investigating

Unfortunatly nobody on here can help you. You need to speak to Monzo which you say you’ve done. Have you checked all your credit reports? TransUnion, Experian and Equifax?

Yup they all clean,all been forwarded to monzo

If you have been declined credit (an overdraft in this case) and you have followed Monzo’s complaint procedure you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman.

The only way I can see this is TransUnion having 2 files for me…a broken one that monzo sees and an proper one that I see,I know is impossible but would be the only explanation

Im waiting for the complaints results at mo

You’ve followed the correct procedure and just need to let things run their course. Hope you get sorted.

Hope so too,thanks for the reply

Doesn’t it just depend on their risk appetite?

When I switched from one (high street) bank to another (high street) bank a few years ago they didn’t offer me an overdraft at the time. I’ve never had a CCJ or default and no missed payments on my credit report.

Ultimately, your best bet is to focus on improving your credit score. When it’s good enough for Monzo I’m sure you’ll be offered an overdraft.

Incidentally, my loan offers disappeared from the Monzo app a few days ago. I know if I login to Clearscore I have pre-approved offers galore from others so ultimately it’s just Monzo being risk averse on their lending.

Do you mean the default is no longer on your credit report as it’s been 6 years or you’ve just paid it off and it’s still there?

A satisfied default is still a default. They might not lend to someone with a default whether it’s paid or not.

U missunderstood the whole situation,my credit file is very good,the problem is monzo sees things that it should exist there

Is not on the file

I’m sure is just a system glitch somewhere down the line but I’m on a mission to get to the bottom of it

You’re not entitled to an overdraft.

I understand that some feedback as to why you’ve been declined would be good though.

If they would have a reason to not give me one I’d take that very happy,but what annoys me is that they giving me reasons that do not exist,and I can prove it by providing them credit files from all 3 CRA’s after all I’m paying for each one of them,I’m not giving in tho,I know I’m right and I can prove it,once they respond to the complaint depending on what they say they found out I’ll take further action,I’m not getting rejected on fantasy reasons,give me a real reason and I’ll be happy

All institutions can pick and choose who they lend to. Their scorecard is individual to the lender. I got a few mistakes in some of my credit files. Halifax was happy to give me an overdraft, l choose to bank with Monzo who don’t want to give me an overdraft.

Thats odd, because yesterday you said you had a CIFAS from ThinkMoney, now your saying you dont have a CIFAS

Which is it?


You have CIFA marker and that’s why your not eligible for one. So you’ve really wasted your time putting in a complaint and you should be lucky monzo have even offered you account with that being on your record.

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