Transfers Processed Manually


It’s just a week I have my Monzo card and I came to know one very interesting fact… if you top up from an European account top-up gets processed manually.
Unfortunately no one will tell you that you have to chat with an operator specify the amount you transferred, the reference number and the name of who did the transaction… you just know when you contact them asking for informations.
But there’s more, in two days this is what happened:

  1. “you need to verify your identity” (9am)
  2. “ok you should see the top up by noon” (9.30am)
  3. “i’m sorry for the inconvenient, it will be available shortly” (8pm)
  4. “I’m sorry for the miscommunication, it should be on your account tomorrow by noon” (10pm)
  5. “I’m sorry but I cannot see the payment yet, I’ll search for it…” (second day 13.30pm)

This is just a resume of the conversations I had with 4 different operators in which they told me that the payments gets manually processed twice a day (that’s unbelievable), I had to write 3/4 times the same data about the payment (amount and reference number) and I’m still waiting to see my top in my card (during this two day the money is frozen somewhere I just don’t know)



To clarify this is not via UK Faster Payments or BACS nor a typical SEPA payment as no IBAN provided but instead was a SWIFT payment? And was it made in GBP?



Yes it was made in GBP and yes was a SWIFT payment. I don’t complain about the fact that the payment took 5 days to get to monzo (this is normal), but since the operator confirmed it means that monzo received the money and so things should be much faster… and most of all how can three different operators ask for the same data each time? Doesn’t monzo track the support provided to clients?

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Thanks for sharing this, it does seem like european payments do slip through the regular processing. My speculation is that it’s because it is not a FPS or BACS transfer as @anon44204028 mentioned.

I can’t think of who exactly to @ in from the Monzo team for comment. Last post I read, @leah was the one who normally did the processing of them but if that’s not the case, @Naji, could you find the right person to escalate this to?



wonder if anyone has tried a SEPA payment to:
IBAN: GB62BARC20594213219585
REF: Your Monzo number

as if that came thru in not GBP but EUR that would create more issues as would need to be converted once it arrives



@anon44204028 the payment has been sent in GBP, since I specified it before the transaction and the amount was converted by my bank.



yes, I read that in your earlier reply. I was just interested if anyone else reading this posting had tried a SEPA payment rather than SWIFT, and what Mondo would do if any money came in not in GBP

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Now after hours waiting they are telling me to check with my bank saying “the fund didn’t hit our central account”.
But it’s a bit hard form me to believe that since yesterday two different persons confirmed the transaction and I never had this kind of problem