Monzo Taking Payment

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Not been about for a while so unsure if this has been asked, can’t see it on search so…

Anyway, is there any chance that Monzo could speed up the time that it takes to actually collect the money from my bank as it sits there for days and messes things up.

Had a transaction that took 6 days to just come out and one from the 8th still sitting there.

With MetroBank and used Apple Pay.


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I regularly transfer from Metro Bank using my debit card as the topup card for my account. The money hits Monzo instantly, although the transaction doesn’t normally show on my Metro statement for 2-3 days.

Alternatively, if you’re making manual payments, they should leave your Metro account instantly and hit Monzo the following working day.

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That’s the main problem with these legacy banks, not anything Monzo can fix as far as I’m aware. That’s just the way these payments work.

I would expect that this would be significantly quicker once Monzo launch their full bank account and enable other ways of paying in (e.g. faster payments or standing order).

For the meantime I think it will be as Ben says - these are card payments so are dependent upon the normal card processing time of your bank.

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I seem to remember it being faster though and the money leaving my account in a day or two.