Top Up Experience

My first bank trx top up worked very smoothly today. I realise it depends on the origin bank, but Metro to Mondo seemed to work in just shy of two hours.


Great news Carter :+1:

Had the same experience with Barclays. Only took 1/2 a day. Thanks for being so quick :star:

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Natwest take around 16hours :frowning:

My first bank transfer from Halifax > Mondo took quite a while, just under 24 hours

2hrs is pretty good. But I think it ought to be much quicker.

Most Faster Payment transfers usually complete within a minute. The sort code I use for top-ups is 20-59-42 which is Barclays, a Faster Payments member. I wonder what happens in the next leg of the journey.

I just topped up with £250 - I’m itching to see the massive hike in my Mondo pulse! :sweat:

It’s slow right now because we are doing it manually :cry: but we are working right now on being able to top up by card which should be near instant :smiley:

If all goes well, that should be pretty soon — maybe within the next few weeks.


In that case I should have spammed you with 250 x £1 top-ups :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Currently “doing it manually”…any update on when it likely to be done non-manually?

I believe it has been automatic for quite a few months now that it’s listed in the app, though seemingly only run once a day(?). There is no way they are still doing it manually at the scale they’re at today.

(Also hi, three Richards posting in a row! :wink:)

Yep hi Richard O and Richard R :slight_smile:

Is there a financial overhead to Mondo to run the transfers more regularly than once a day?

A staff would have to spend time minting all the transfers. But they could avoid that if they make it automatic. FYI, they credit all top ups at around 11 am every working day. So if you transfer before that, you could see your top up credited much quicker (still not instant though :cry:)

All of my Top Up’s have been flawless and instant (kiss of death now!)

Santander Debit card to Mondo

It’s still semi-manual! Someone (normally @leah) runs these every morning :slight_smile: We’re thinking about doing it more often too though as more people start doing bank transfers!

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