Transfer timing from bank to Monzo

Hi guys,
Couldn’t find a topic on this…
My friend has transferred money from her bank account, which she linked to Monzo. She got the Monzo card a few days ago bear in mind. Basically the money is in the clouds floating around.
The issues is that it’s taking a day or two usually for the money to transfer over to the Monzo card where you’d expect it to be instant.
I use Monzo and mine is instant but I’m using my bank account transfer via Apple Pay option.
Any ideas on why it’s taking so long to transfer?
Is it…
Because it’s a new card?
Her bank is poor and doesn’t like this new fantastic Monzo card thingy?
Or is there another way to make this work better as in she can send it to another Monzo card (friend) and they send it to her imediatley?
Cheers guys.

What is the other bank she uses?

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If she used Faster Payments from a UK bank it should take less than 2 hours, though it is usually instant.

Is she sure the sort code and account number are correct? The sort code is apparently often incorrectly entered. Even if she is sure, it’s worth checking again.

If she’s transferring from a non UK bank, she should use an intermediary service like Transferwise, in which case it can take a few days in some circumstances.

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The acc and sort is ok as she used it during the week for smaller amounts so she simply reused the same path again.
The bank is Bank of Ireland.
How does Faster Payments work again, in relation to Monzo? I’m sure I’ve used it before.
I’m farmiliar with PayPal, paym, Apple Pay. etc
Cheers guys.

From that it looks like they don’t process at the weekend so if she sent it Friday afternoon it should clear tomorrow. Doesn’t look like they are a faster payments member

(I’m assuming it’s an NI not ROI account)


Now it makes sense. I didn’t want to say but had my suspicions about BOI.
Yeah she’s in NI BOI.
Cool, I’ll tell her to go to another banks I know are really good and are up to speed with tech and security.
Thanks a million.

No reason she can’t use Monzo as her main bank account and get salary/benefits and not bother with the hassle of opening another just to transfer to Monzo. Only problem would be adding cash but keep the BOI open for that until Monzo add cash at a later date


Yeah she’ll def keep using it and leave open, just ironing out her issues ha.
I’d say she’ll go with another bank pretty soon anyway and BOI are pretty behind times.

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We like to use Monzo more so for the side bank at the min and for travel etc. Perfect for what we need.
Monzo :ok_hand:

Locally Danske bank are Faster Payments members. But that advantage is offset by the fact they’re Danske Bank :confounded:

Santander or Nationwide also do it

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Yeah. Looking into nationwide and they’re pretty up to speed.

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This page may be useful for you -


That must be difficult for Monzo to hear – that you’re considering opening yet another bank account into the mix. What do you need Monzo to provide for you so that it could be your main account?


Just going to simply recommend a faster payment bank to the friend is all.
No need to use Monzo as main bank.
Cheers anyway :+1:

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