Transferring/Switching Multiple Accounts

Does anyone know if there is a block on switching multiple accounts simultaneously?
My wife and I are switching a bills account (in her name) and our joint account, both of which have direct debits we want to transfer to a Monzo account.

We have set the switch in motion for the first current account and now, when either of us try to switch the second joint account the App tells us: “You are already switching - you can’t start a switch to Monzo because you’re already switching with the current account switching service.”

So can it only perform one switch at a time? If so that is a PITA because we have bills coming off both accounts - so having 13x2 days (best part of a month) where things might be happening on any one of three accounts isn’t a very smooth service.

Interested if anyone has experienced the same problem or has any suggestions.



Hi. Welcome.

So you’re trying to switch the current account in your wife’s name to another current account in her name? And then a joint account to to a Monzo joint account from another bank?

This is the case, I’m afraid. You can’t carry out multiple switches at the same time, they have to be done one-by-one.

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You can only have one incoming switch per account, I believe.

So you can have

Joint > Joint
Personal > Personal

at the same time but for

Personal > Joint
Joint > Joint

you need to wait for one to finish

Given that only one account is in flux at a time you can guarantee where the transactions for the non-switching account will go so it’s not at all unpredictable. Just leave the money for those bills in that account and then, when you get round to switching it, the money will follow the bills to the new account. It will always be in the right place to pay the bills as a result.

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Thanks everyone - so I will do one at a time. @Feathers you assume to much knowledge of which bills are where (o; This is why I am switching to using Monzo!!

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