Direct debit switch from main Monzo to Joint Monzo account


I just opened a joint Monzo account with my wife, and I’d like to move all my direct debits from my main Monzo account to our Joint account. Will this be done through the “switch to Monzo” option? Simply treating my main Monzo account (from which I want to switch my direct debits from) as any other non-Monzo accounts?



Hi @ambassa,

Someone may correct me, but I don’t think it’s possible to do a “switch” from one bank account, to the same bank (unless I’ve read that wrong).

I believe you’d have to manually move the DD’s over.

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Correct. For your joint account you have to do it manually.

I’ve done this myself and it’s not as daunting as it first may appear. The majority you can do online by logging into your account on the providers websites. There will be some that you have to call and sitting in a call centre queue isn’t fun at all.

Good luck!

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