Transferring in

It’s not letting my mum transfer money into my account, does anyone know why this is?

And also does anyone in the uk know if universal credit can be paid into this account

What is she trying to do to transfer in? What do you mean it’s not “letting” her? What messages etc. is she getting?

If it’s just taking time, then FPS can take any where up to 2 days, but normally in a few hours time.

I do believe that Universal Credit can be paid in, yes.

Yes it absolutely can - someone will helpfully link to previous posts about this I’m sure (I haven’t worked that out yet).

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Double-check the sort code and account number (04-00-40 is a common typo, for example).

It may be her bank that is holding up the sending of money. Some banks will carry out extra checks before sending to Monzo for the first time, IIRC. Though from the sound of it that may not be your problem (as that would be “money sent but hasn’t arrived”).

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It’s saying that account can’t be checked? She’s just trying to send me something from her NatWest account

I mean it sounds like she’s using the wrong sort code (it’s 04-00-04).

If she’s sending £100 or less you could send her a request?

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No she’s got the correct sort code

Has she got the correct name of the account holder? :slight_smile:


Mate, universal credit Deff can be paid into monzo. Monzo is my main account and I get my uc paid into monzo every month. Usually I get to claim my uc a day early as well thru early pay day feature

That’s brilliant thank you. Now just need to figure out why my mum can’t transfer in. It keeps saying “account can’t be checked”

I haven’t received my card as of yet, however Apple Pay is set up. I should still be able to receive payments though?

Yeah, you can still receive payments without an activated card.

I’d have your mum double triple check she’s entered the details correctly, and double triple check you’ve sent her the right details.

I’m sat with her doing it myself, everything is entered correctly

I am not sure if your card needs to set up before you can start using your account… But receiving uc should be no problem at all. Been using it to recieve uc for over 2 years now and never had any problems at all. Infact I closed my lloyds and barclays account and am using monzo as my main account. Never had any problems
People who complain that monzo bpcked my account etc are trolls or using thier account inaccurately and are going aginst monzo t&c

I would double check if your mums account is active and there are no blocks on her account

I’d imagine it’s because of Confirmation of Payee (

It’s a new system that checks names match before sending a payment.

It sounds like Natwest is having trouble checking the name on your account.

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Could be due to the card not being received, therefore the account not “confirmed”?

I’m going to hope that is what it is. It’s due either tomorrow or the day after so shall have to wait until then

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Blanket rule for you to adhere to in relation to your question about receiving universal credit.

Monzo is just like any other bank, so if you could do it with Barclays (or whoever you banked with previously) then you can do it with Monzo :sunglasses: