Questions about making monzo my only account

I’ve recently downloaded monzo and am waiting to receive my card. I want to make this my only bank account, closing everything else. I have a few things I’d be grateful if anyone could clear up so I feel 100% confident!

  • will my universal credit be able to be paid into monzo and when I have a job will my salary be able to be paid in?
    Will I have any issues buying things online? Amazon and plane tickets etc?
    Does the card work everywhere?
    Are there any particular atm machines that accept monzo to make a withdrawal?
    If I save large amounts of money say £1000 max, will I have any issues keeping it there or spending large chunks of it online to book holidays? Or buy a car?
    How can I pay cash into my monzo account?
    Thankyou to anyone who can help! I’ll be extremely happy if I can make the switch!
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Welcome to Monzo!

If Universal credit send their payments via BACS or Faster Payments, you’ll be fine. It might be worth checking they know about the 04-00-04 sort code before hand though.

I haven’t had any issues buying stuff online, including flights and Amazon. The card will work anywhere where MasterCard is accepted which is pretty much everywhere these days.

If the ATM is a LINK ATM, then you could get a message saying your card issuer may charge you, but they wont. Keep in mind this is different from the ATM’s that charge you anyways for using them.

You will have limits on the card but these differ from person to person, if in doubt you can always check the limits in your app or reach out to the in app chat.

Cash can be deposited via any PayPoint shop but note it will cost £1 to do so.

Any more questions feel free to ask, the communities knowlegde here is vast!

It’s worth highlighting that most banks have limits but generally people don’t know about them as they are never reached. If you need to make a purchase that is bigger than your limit contact support and they can get this raised. We’re not talking a few £ here it’s generally in the thousands per day.

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Good point Jack, thanks for dropping that in!

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Pretty much, yes. People have reported difficulties using the card in Post Offices, which may or may not be a big deal for you.

The cash paying in limit is £1000 every 180 days at a cost of £1 per deposit (max £300) via PayPoint. If you are going to be paying in cash regularly it might be worthwhile have another account to pay into and transferring it to your Monzo account.

Plenty of people get benefits paid into their accounts with no issue. I’ll be filling in the Universal Credit form next week and my new employers both are fine with a Monzo account. No need to worry on that front


Thankyou so much! I’ll be making the switch this week.

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I’ll never be making purchases over £1000 was just concerned about things going wrong. Thankyou for your input !

Lots of us use Monzo as our main account, many have closed other accounts though lots keep a backup for things like ease of depositing cash.

You shouldn’t have any trouble getting payments from the UK deposited into your account, you have a full account number and sort code.

There are some limits on large amounts, like if you get a huge cash deposit into your account it’ll be questioned but this happens for any bank. You’ll find the limits listed in the app - search the help section for ‘Limits’. They are able to up your limit if you’re doing something like buying/selling a car, they just need some notice to apply this to your account.

Any ATM that is only part of LINK and not on the MasterCard network won’t work, but I’ve never come across one myself.

Cash you can deposit at PayPoints though there’s a £1 fee, so I keep my old RBS account open, as there are a few branches locally to me (and my family, which is handy). You can post cheques to them, but later in the year they will launch the ability to take a photo of cheques in the app.

I’ve used it as my main account for over a year and had no issues whatsoever :slight_smile:


I’m just waiting for my card to come through and will be pushing everything over, I’ve done pretty extensive research on Monzo and there are a few terrible reviews but this is usual with any kind of business or bank so I’m taking my chances. As long as I have no issue paying bills or anything I’ll be sticking with it! Thankyou for youwas help.


Trustpilot? It’s where people go to vent. They’ve tried using Monzo for money laundering or similar and blow up when they can’t access their funds anymore. They’ve all got the same story. If you’re not breaking the rules, you’ll be fine. Like a few people mentioned, if you let Monzo know if you have larger than normal amounts coming in or going out, like when buying a car, they know not to flag it as suspicious.


Welcome @Milag

I went full Monzo in September and have never looked back. Never had an issue spending on the card or having things paid into it.

I have kept a couple of legacy accounts personally. Both my wife and I have a joint with NatWest and I have a Nationwide Flex account.

Main reason is back-up to be honest. But also, at this moment, Monzo only appear on TransUnion credit scores, not Experian or Equifax. It’s a small thing but I believe account stability is a small factor in credit scores.

However, Monzo is brilliant. How many people would you normally hear praise their banks so enthusiastically? You’re making a good call.


Monzo is my only bank account and the best account I have ever had


I am not sure about Universal credit but have had no issue having my student loan come in through it and my salary

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Great to see such enthusiasm :grin:.

Making Monzo your main account? All day long.

Making it your only account? You’ll notice opinion is a bit more divided on that one.

I’m in the “keep a legacy bank account” camp. You may never need/use it but it’s a just-in-case thing. (And if you do, no-one here will hold it against you :grin:).


Have received my card today, excited to try the future of banking !



What have you thought of monzo over the last few months?