Transferring from Skipton building society

Anyone had trouble transferring from Skipton? It wouldn’t verify my Monzo account and I’ve had to send further evidence. They’ve asked for a statement as evidence. As far as I can tell there isn’t a way of getting a statement, so I’m hoping s as screen shot will be adequate.

You should be able to create a pdf statement from within the Monzo app.

Use Manage tab on current account and scroll down to Bank statements.

I used this method for mine a couple of years ago with Skipton and was AOK.

I used custom date range so that they did not see all my transactions with Monzo as they are irrelevant. They just need to see you name, address, sort code, account number on the document IIRC.

Skipton allow two linked accounts. Unusual for a building society, but very useful if issues arise with one of them.