Im new to the community. Need help- bank statements

(Miss Carolyn Bickley) #1

Sorry if this has been asked before but im desperately needing help. Unfortinately due to certain circumstances i am now needing to claim housing benefit. I have sent housing benefit my natwest bank statements. But they noticed on one day there was a payment where i transferred money from my natwest to my monzo current account so they are now asking about this. Now it gets complicated because obviously before my monzo became a current account and it was prepaid, transactions on my natwest statement only show as "monzo "

I am desperately needing bank statements from my monzo account for the last 2.months… and i just dont know whete to begin .

Can anyone help?

So so sorry if this has been asked before.


Hello @Cazamatazaaa :wave:

If you contact the in app chat or email they can manually put a statement together for you.

There is no automated function just yet, but hold tight, its coming :soon:

(Hugh Wells) #3

Hey @Cazamatazaaa,

Either reach out as @spicefox mentioned or feel free to DM me with your email and I can have a look for you.

(Miss Carolyn Bickley) #4

I sound so stupid- i cant seem to find where to DM you @hughwells

Thank you so much @spicefox too

(Hugh Wells) #5

Don’t worry @Cazamatazaaa - just send us an email to and I’ll look out for it :slight_smile:

(Miss Carolyn Bickley) #6

Will do it now. Thank you so so much