Can't download PDF bank statement


I am at a loss of how else to get help from Monzo. Tried the helpline - it just cuts me off. Tried the chat - I have been waiting for a response for an hour now.

I urgently need a PDF bank statement to provide proof for a job I am applying for and no one at Monzo can help me. Can anyone help please?

I’ve followed the instructions to download but I keep getting an error message when I try to download my bank statement. I can get a CSV version fine, but not the PDF.

Please can someone help me?


How are you trying to download it? On what OS? What’s the error?

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Hey Danni,
iOS or Android?
How are you going about trying to get the export?

On the ball today you are mate lol

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Trying my best!

Im on Android trying to download on my phone.

I have gone the usual route to download a statement - selecting “all time” and then “PDF”. the error message I get is “Statement generation failed: please get in touch with Customer Support”

Don’t use android. But if you click to share it with someone in the share sheet, is there an option there to save as PDF or if you choose to email it to yourself, does it come as a PDF ?

Thats not what I am after. I can download the CSV file fine. But thats not what I need. I need an official bank statement to provide as proof as part of a job application. Thanks though.

I think that’s via the summary, i.e. at the bottom of the screen?

Are you on the new navigation? If so, swipe down so your account details are visible, then click on them, and go to Statement History at the bottom.

I know on the old navigation you can go to your profile and there’s a section for statements there, but I don’t recall where exactly.

This is per month which is not quite what you’re after but you could download the past 6 months worth.

If that also doesn’t work you’ll need to check with Monzo I think.

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I’ve tried both ways and both ways I get an error message.

I can only download the current month or all time. There seems to be no other options.

I’ve tried contacting Monzo and no one is responding. It’s very frustrating. So much for bank of the future. They’re the same as every another annoying bank.

There should definitely be a section where each individual month (going back to the inception of your account) is available. Which navigation are you on?

As an interim idea, have you tried deleting and re-installing the app, to see if that changes anything? That’s the usual go-to to get weird things to fix.

Yup, done that too.
I think the section you’re talking about is in statement history. I’ve tried going there and I still get an error message.

How to I get Monzo’s attention so that they’ll help me?

if you scroll to the side - the summary at the top, it then gives you that month to download , on iOS and the latest app

Thanks, but again, not what I need :slight_smile:

At busy times it normally takes a couple of hours to get a response to non urgent queries

They’ll reply as soon as they can

Thanks. I guess I will just have to be patient. Thing is, someone responded and then it went quiet. That’s what I don’t understand

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Out of curiosity, have you recently logged in? do you now what version of android you are using? and what version of Monzo you have?

Side note:

Have you considered downloading 3 different months that should suffice for your use case right?

This is what I get when I tap on Summary, then tap on EXPORT & BANK STATEMENTS;

Then I get 3 options; download as PDF, CSV or QIF and the chosen file type downloads to my phone storage

(Android beta 2.57.0 running new nav)

Is providing a bank statement to an employer common btw? Never been asked to and it’s not something I like the idea of


So answers to all of your questions:

Android version: 9
Version of Monzo: 2.57.0

I can’t download any months - it only give me the option for “July” or “All time”