Transfer to Monzo Current Account


Hey guys,

I need to transfer money to my Monzo current account but don’t have access to a phone with the app. Can I do this from my banks internet banking, and how do I do that?

I’ve read you can transfer to your prepaid card using the 9 digit reference number, but I’m not sure if my prepaid card is still valid having switched to a current account?



(Simon B) #2

Hey Caelan!

The prepaid details aren’t valid anymore - please don’t use them.

All you’ll need is your 9 digit account number, and our sort code. Do you have these details to hand?


No I don’t have these details to hand, do you know where I might find them?

The only details on the card are the card number, expiry date and name.



(Simon B) #4

No problem.

Give us a call on the phone number that’s on the back of the card, or send an email to :grinning:

We can run through some security details with you and then provide the information :grinning:


Okay will do, thank you!!

Caelan .


Do you mean 8 digit account number :sweat_smile:

(Simon B) #7


I blame the heat :sun_with_face: