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Hi guys,
Now that the debit card transfer is going in October is it just a matter of changing to another bank account number as in not using a debit card anymore but rather an actual back account to transfer to Monzo?
And does this mean you can’t withdraw from the account from Monzo to add funds, meaning you have to send it from the bank account to Monzo? This means you’d have to go into your bank account and then send it then go into Monzo?
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Yes in a nutshell you’d need to log into your other bank app or online banking and carry out a bank transfer. This will ask you to enter your monzo sort code and account number including the amount you wish to transfer.
The in most cases the money should land in your monzo account within minutes, but can sometimes take longer depending who you bank with.

Most banks allow you to set this to re occur at an interval of your choice should you wish to pay yourself a budget into monzo.

You’ll no longer be able to pull funds from another account within the monzo app.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Makes perfect sense and confirms my thoughts Jack.
Thank you man, :ok_hand:
And well done for understanding that ha ha :joy::+1:

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