Entering phone number in Monzo app

(Julie ) #1

Hi there - a few weeks ago I was notified that I could get a Monzo card but I didn’t have a UK number at the time. I just got a number today and went into the app but couldn’t navigate to where to could document this info so I could get a card sent out to me.

Can someone pls help! Thanks :blush:


Hi Julie At the moment you can only join the waiting list see this page;

In few weeks you will get invitation to get a current account

(MikeF) #4

I’m not sure where you were looking but the news is that the prepaid card scheme is now closed so whatever you saw a few weeks ago is almost certainly no longer valid.

Your only recourse to bank with Monzo now is to join the queue for a shiny new Current Account see post that’s just pre+emptied mine, above). That queue is static at the moment, however, until all the prepaid card holders have had a chance to transfer to a new account themselves.