Just opened a Monzo Bank account and Bank transfer £1000

First of all I will like to say am very impressed with Monzo services and features. Been researching last night which bank account to open. I just opened a Monzo bank account several hours ago using the mobile app and did a fast payment from my Arromoney bank account. I bank transfer £1000 to my Monzo account. Is been 8 hours since I transfer that money to my Monzo account and still haven’t received it. Does anyone know when I will receive my money to my Monzo account?

Are there transfers normally instant? I replied to your other post about this but it might have been held for checks. Faster payments are usually 2 hours but i dont know how long Arro normally take on a sunday


If you’ve not got it, we’ve not received it on Monzos end. You’ll need to contact Arromoney :blush:


There’s a chance the sending bank has flagged the payment going to a new account and being a large amount. Do you usually transfer these sums?

Best give them a call


Hello everyone just an update. I got it transfer successfully just now. I have recieve my £1000 in my new Monzo bank account. Thank you all for your comments! :upside_down_face::blue_heart:


Probably, a bit like HSBC seem to do, they’ve held onto it for a while for “fraud checks”. Insert a level of cynicism here

Glad it is all sorted

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